Introduction: The Beginning of a New Journey

Hey Folks!

Welcome to my blog… right now, no one probably knows who I am or what I am about… so let me introduce myself!

My name is Shawn Pavlas,  and I make music.   Big deal right? Lot’s of people out there make music and many of them do it well.  I am not a genius,  or a prodigy.  I simply love writing , composing, and performing music. To me, the songs I write are more accurate journal entries from my life than anything I could write in a blog . They capture both words and feeling that can’t be conveyed with words.

So yes, music is a personal Journey for me. And as such, I figured I would start a blog online to document my story as the recording artist After Avalanche. It may be a story of failure or success, happiness or tragedy. Whatever it may be, I invite the random reader to join me as I share my songs and the stories behind them.

Which brings me to the last thing I should mention by way of introduction.

I am in the process of recording my first studio album. I have been playing, recording, and performing my songs since I was in my mid-teens but I have never actually released an album of songs. As you could imagine, I am extremely excited about this project.

My style has always been a little on the folksy side, but I have never conformed to the popular genre. I was taught how to play guitar when I was ten years old by my Dad who mostly played bluesrock,  and with my upcoming album I have found my songwriting to take on a very strong soul/blues influence.  In a way I am returning to my roots with my first official LP, but I am also starting a new journey in a genre where I feel most at home.

But enough by way of mundane introduction! You will learn more about me and After Avalanche in future posts that will be much more interesting to read. In the meantime, I want to invite you to listen to the first couple of songs that I have released as an online EP of the upcoming album.

Just head on over to this URL for a FREE download of the EP:



About Shang Pav

An Artist, Musican, Deep Thinker. Inspired by nature, humanity, and history. Open Mindedly Questions everything. Anti-Conformity to anything View all posts by Shang Pav

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