Catching Up: What Has Happened So Far.

It all started back in 2008 when I decided to scrap my old music project  that pretty much sucked balls (And I can’t even begin to describe what it was because I still don’t know…me and a guitar and really bad recording equipment), and start writing some real singer/songwriter material.

I was also in a pretty damn awesome progressive metal/zombie band at the time called A Frayed Not with my friends Travis and Tiffany and my brother Chris (Drums).

I’ve participated in a lot of bands over the years and loved the experiences , but I always struggled to maintain my own personal songwriting. And it wasn’t because I wanted to focus on being a solo act as much as just the fact that writing personal songs is a sort of growing experience for me. Through diving deep into my own thoughts and life and finally bringing it out onto paper and expressing my soul through song. It’s pretty awesome, and in a lot of ways is similar to keeping a journal. Only one that kind of rocks.

Anyways, I went on a little local Portland Oregon tour for a while and played some bars and coffee shops. It was awesome!

Then I sort of just got caught up in life and my day job and (*gasp*) went months without writing songs or even picking up my guitar.

Until that one day… I will never forget that day.

Nah, actually nothing awesome happened.  I just must have walked past the guitar case on the floor one day and thought “Wow! What am I doing procrastinating the one thing in life that I actually love doing?!”

And so I started buying gear to build my own home studio and then my friend Phil heard one of my demos. He is a talented musician in many genres and has a lot of experience in producing and mixing music. He liked the demos, and said he could help me make them better quality. Well, hell yeah!

So we have recorded three songs so far which can all be heard on SoundCloud:

1. Puzzle Of Nails, a softer song about finding meaning in the mystery of life.

2. Singularity, a song about alternate universes and the concept of time moving in a circle.

3. Dimesnap , a song about how money fucks things up! This is probably the bluesiest of them all so far.

All of these tracks can be heard at:

It was after Dimesnap, that I thought of the idea for the album’s central theme.  Organic Percussion. Mainly… Hands clapping, feet stomping, fingers snapping. It’s the energy and vibe that captures the enthusiasm I have for this music and hope to share and pass along to the listener. (LIGHT BULB ALERT!! This is why I have branded the genre Snap Stomp Music!)

So each song will now have a tagline for what kind of human percussion is featured on the song. Dimesnap itself required a little stomping on the porch session at my house. : )

I have also been making some themed artwork for each song (see top of article) to help promote it and also just because I really enjoy making vector art.

And with that, I think we are all caught up to today! I keep telling myself I will make this blog more entertaining… if you are still reading I might be doing alright!


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