Songwriting Process : I Don’t Need Hope

When I was a kid, I always loved listening to my Dad play the 12-bar blues. So I decided to write a song based on the familiar chord structure that so many awesome musicians have used before me. Of course, I plan on putting my own twist on it! And I think it’s gonna work out because I broke my guitar pick while writing the guitar parts! xD

The concept behind the song is a person who has bought into all the promises of riches and success in the modern world and come up empty , realizing that those promises are lies and giving up hope in all the hype.

I got the music down, and the lyrics… some modification may follow.

I Don’t Need Hope – Lyrics

They call it California, The place to hold your dreams

It’s always been a place they say, with gold up to your sleeves.

Well I’ve been diggin’ for some time now,

In dirt up to my neck.

The pain has made me stronger, but the tears leave me a wreck.



But you’re giving me hope, and I don’t need it now (Repeat x 3)


We all long for Freedom in this prison of a world

But we’re tied to bills or poppin’ pills

And no one knows for sure,

If ever dreams could come true

Or this dirt turn into gold.

Well, I’d like to see that in my time

Before I grow to old



But you’re giving me hope, and I don’t need it now (Repeat x 3)



This world, it promises money

This world, it promises fame

But this worlds gonna take all your money

Because all the world wants is your shame


About Shang Pav

An Artist, Musican, Deep Thinker. Inspired by nature, humanity, and history. Open Mindedly Questions everything. Anti-Conformity to anything View all posts by Shang Pav

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