Recording Process: I Don’t Need Hope

So Today is the day recording begins for “I Don’t Need Hope”. I am stoked, but a little bummed out because I am recovering from a little bug I caught on Thursday.

It means singing is uncomfortable but not impossible. In fact, who knows? The Vocals might end up sounding better for it!


…. [Update]….

Recording was a blast as usual. The guitar part on this song is alot more basic in rhythm and structure than the last two we have recorded which made it way easier to keep the tempo.
I confess, my greatest weakness in the whole recording process is keeping on tempo. I tend to want to speed things up after the first verse and chorus and I have no idea why. Thankfully it really only took two takes to get it right on the guitar. And the vocals actually turned out alright too, considering I was so sick the other day. Phil talked me into singing a harmony (good idea!) and also encouraged me to use the inhumane sounds you hear in the following video:

I think my greatest accomplishment of the day was successfully singing the phrase “poppin’ pills” without pissing the microphone off! Woot!

> Update 9:08 PM

Recording is complete, production is under way, and I just finished the song artwork!

It’s a little different then the previous two, but hey! I’m not playing by any rules here… It’s just something visual to kind of enhance the listening experience.

And the final product is finally here! Phil contributed the awesome piano programming at the end! It was pretty much exactly what I was thinking for the song originally and more! I would have played a piano part on my keyboard but unfortunately I’ve been sick the past several days and kind of relapsed on Sunday. And what Phil did sounds perfect anyway so it’s a win!

Have a listen:


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