Recording Process: Nostalgia

Nostalgia is a song about how I feel about the memories of childhood before the full weight of life set in. It’s about remembering the simpler times where the world was new and fascinating and innocence was alive. We all can probably think back to a memory we really treasure from our childhood. That’s what this song is about… just holding on to those things when the times get tough.

Recording was a blast as usual! I have a couple vids I may post at some point tomorrow, but as it stands I am way past my bedtime! I still have a dayjob to work in the morning!

Here is the completed track! I got a few friends (including my girlfriend!) to sing on the chorus with me!


About Shang Pav

An Artist, Musican, Deep Thinker. Inspired by nature, humanity, and history. Open Mindedly Questions everything. Anti-Conformity to anything View all posts by Shang Pav

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