Songwriting Process: Leaving This Town

I have just returned from recording the last song that I had written for the full length album! Only, there’s one problem…. That was track #6 , leaving another 4-6 songs to be conceived, imagined, penned, and composed.

I have been trying to write a new song for about a week and for some reason no waves of inspiration had hit. I have plenty of cool grooves and riffs that I plan on expanding, but it wasn’t until today that I sat down and FINALLY was able to write down some lyrics to a progression I’ve been keeping in my back pocket for about a year now! It’s a brand new song called “Leaving This Town” and there’s a demo of it on soundcloud right now (Private for the time being, reserved for the fine folks who have downloaded the EP from Noisetrade! SEE LINK ABOVE).

It’s a song that’s both personal for me but also lyrically an attempt at stepping into another’s shoes. It is from the perspective of someone who is still living in the town where they grew up simply puts just hates it. So the song is about finally deciding to take the leap into the world beyond the gray mundane world of this small town existence.

Here are the lyrics:

Leaving This Town

you know what i am trying to tell you
and secrets are not the way
to say what you need to say
and keeping it all inside
will not keep you feelin okay

and i know that i really wanna make it right
its been so long it feels l’ve been awake too many damn nights
so i’m taking this one opportunity , to tell you the truth of me
is I’m leaving this town
all the people i see have graveyards in their eyes
and i think it’s so upside down
im leaving this town

had time to think had time to be cool
had time to plan how i’d TP the school
but now i’ve grown and i’m starting to wise up
while everyone stares into the ground
i’m lookin up

i have someone else to be in some other place you see
a brand new identity oh what will become of me, oh what will become of me?


About Shang Pav

An Artist, Musican, Deep Thinker. Inspired by nature, humanity, and history. Open Mindedly Questions everything. Anti-Conformity to anything View all posts by Shang Pav

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