Catching Up! Society & I’m Leaving This Town on the Record!

Man, I have been doing a bad job at keeping this blog up to date lately! It’s mainly because of the decision I made to stop sharing the songs online right after recording them … That way, when the full album comes out it will be fresh instead of everyone hearing it and thinking “Nice! All the same songs I heard on soundcloud! Cool!”

So Mr. Avalanche here has got some secrets now, and He isn’t going to give them all up yet! Not even on this blog.

However, this post is just to say we recorded the song previously called “Just another song to society” and renamed it “Society”.
And secondly, yesterday after my weekend shift at work, I went over to Phil’s house (aka Underfunded Studios) and recorded all the tracks for “Leaving This Town”.

It didn’t require as many different parts or instruments as some of the other tracks, but it still was turning out to have a lot of dynamics.
Needless to say, I was NOT prepared for the completed mix from Phil only a few hours or so later!! Seriously, that dude is a talented man.

In other news, I am purchasing a brand new guitar for the project! Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold my dream guitar!!!

It’s a beauty right??! Yeah, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Not being the richest person in town or anything close, I have it on layaway and am waiting for some tax returns to pay the rest off! But it is going to be worth it, and I assure you this baby is gonna make it on at least a couple songs on the upcoming album.

Stay tuned!

P.S. Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


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