Every Artist’s Worst Nightmare : Writers Block!

So I seem to have come down with a case of writer’s block the past couple of days, and I think the cause is feeling like I have to write a song. Because I feel like I need to write a song to record for the album, it is causing me to not feel inspired but rather pressured. I have sat down multiple times in the evenings and started playing my guitar to see if inspiration would hit, but I still can’t help but feel as if I am forcing it!

At least I am not alone, right? I mean, I am pretty sure there are lots of successful songwriters who occasionally run into bumps in the road! But here is where I am most encouraged:

A song does not need me to write it. A song happens when the circumstances are perfect for it to come into existence.

That may sound kind of odd, but it’s true. The best songs usually are songs that you write in a flash under a sudden wave of inspiration sweeping over you like a tidal wave of artistic inspiration and reflection. It’s almost as if you didn’t write the song, but simply became a channel through which the song could come into existence.

Obviously, I am not saying a song has a mind of its own or has some magical ability. But what I am saying is that a song forced will never amount to the potential and clarity of a song felt.

I am feeling for a song , it’s somewhere in my mind and soul right now and when I find it I am going to catch it!


My God.


I am going to write a song about trying to catch that song in my head that I can’t write! I’m cured!!


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2 responses to “Every Artist’s Worst Nightmare : Writers Block!

  • Shigune Matsui

    Seems like a very good idea indeed. Very good. Here’s another idea for you if you ever get another case of the block: in a notebook, on the top or by the margin, draw a scribble. What does it look like?

    Make something out of that. I also have a username on twitter if you want to follow my ideas and thoughts too. It’s MsMatsui if you are interested.

  • Shang Pav

    Thank you! I am going to try that next time. It sounds like a great way of planting a creative seed in the mind.

    And I will also be following you on twitter!

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