Time For A Change – For The Better!

Hey folks! After some thought and consideration, and then some fumbling around getting used to new things , I have decided to switch my blog over to Tumblr where twitter integration will be better as well as overall appearance.

Being the tech-conscious person that I am, I think Tumblr is pointing in the right direction for the future of blogging. Technology is leading towards simpler interfaces, social integration, and easier accessibility. So This Will Be Awesome!

I am a little sad to leave some of these blog posts on wordpress though. This was meant to be a story documented from start to finish of the first album, so I will be taking core posts from the WP site and moving them over bit by bit (Mainly just articles on the song processes/lyrics).

Stay Classy WordPress readers! And to read more, go ahead on over to http://snapstompmusic.tumblr.com


About Shang Pav

An Artist, Musican, Deep Thinker. Inspired by nature, humanity, and history. Open Mindedly Questions everything. Anti-Conformity to anything View all posts by Shang Pav

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